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Blowers are designed to provide the best service to our valued customers with our expert
engineer staff. We offer you the most efficient blower with the advantage of MIT brand below.
• It provides a maximum flow rate of 2500 m3/ h.
• Creates a maximum pressure of 570 mbar.
• High temperature operation (maximum: 70-80 °C).
• Provides a quiet working environment (50-85 dBA).
• Environment-friendly thanks to the lack of oil-free operation and no pollution level.
• Vibration is minimized with dynamic balance adjustment.
• Easy installation. Suitable for horizontal and vertical installation.
• Swedish SKF or Japanese NSK bearings are used, ensuring efficient and long-lasting use.
• Provides trouble-free operation for 3-5 years under normal conditions.


Single Stage Blowers
Single-stage blowers are available in a range of
55-1050 m3/h flow rates, 0-460 mbar pressures and
0.25 to 5.5 kW range of motor power.

Double Stage Blowers
Double-stage blowers are available in a range of
88-2050 m3/h flow rates, 0-570 mbar pressures and
0,7-25 kw.